Image Creator

Current Root

The highlighted area indicates where the image is going to be inserted.


Highlighted position
Location of the above quadkey.


This page is used to create new Kaiis. At the least you need to know the what and where. To create follow these instructions.
  • The What First you need to decide what you will be inserting. You can either insert a web link to an image (JPG, PNG) or a node link to another Kaii.
  • The Where Next you need to decide where you will be inserting the above link. This is determined by the quad key. An approximate quad key is shown below the viewer with titleApproximate Current Position
  • Once you set these options, click create. You will be taken to the new page with the created node link.

Extra Information

  • A Quad Key is number made up of the digits 0,1,2 and 3. The longer the quad key, the deeper the location.
    e.g. Valid quad keys 2312, 1234.
    Invalid quad keys 5121, abc
  • A Preview of the current image at the above quad key is shown below the create button.
  • Optional You can set the root name (default "root").
  • Optional You can set the relative filename (default generated randomly initially then versioned). Note every filename has to be unique. If you give same filename twice the operation will fail.
  • Upon successful creation a message saying "Successfully created ..." will be displayed. If unsuccessful the cause for failure will be displayed.