About KaiiMaps

KaiiMaps was inspired partly by MC Escher's sketches. The aim of KaiiMaps is to promote exploration of concepts/visualisation, inspire creativity and share with others.


  • Exploration: Kaiimaps is designed to help you easily explore images, concepts arranged in a map. You can zoom into the area of interest. Images are organized hierarchically.
  • Creativity: Any Kaiimap can be edit. This is wikipedia for images. Encouraging creativity is in the DNA of Kaiimaps. There is an artist in all of us.
  • Social: Great things are done by a series of small things brought together -Vincent Van Gogh. Kaiimaps is designed for building on other's work and sharing. You can edit any KaiiMap and you can add any exisiting KaiiMap to your KaiiMap.

KaiiMap gives artists a canvas with infinite resolution. This is for creators from creators.



The main component is GraphMap. Check the source code in Github GraphMap.

Other components

This was possible due to many excellent software written by other people and standing on the shoulders of giant.
  • OpenSeadragon (Front End)
  • Python, Flask
  • Azure (Hosting), Amazon AWS (Storage)


Abhishek Rao

Creator of KaiiMaps.